Sultana’s has grabbed the attention of many travellers, travel guides, holiday blogs, Istanbul reviews, restaurant guides, newspapers, magazines and entertainment websites.

Many thanks to this Brazilian travel blog for this article.

Time Out magazine says Sultana’s is “an ideal venue to sample Turkish culture and food in one place”.
The Guardian’s travel website includes an entry on Sultana’s.
Huffington Post’s Krisanne Alcantara recommends visiting Sultana’s in Istanbul.
The Rough Guide to Turkey is part of a famous series of travel books, with this edition being written by Rosie Ayliffe, Marc Stephen Dubin and John Gawthrop. Sultana’s Dinner and 1001 Nights Show is a recommendation under the Cabaret section.
Another great travel wiki guide is . The Istanbul page is expertly written by seasoned travellers and Sultana’s takes its place in the eating section.
Istanbul Rehber, a guide to Istanbul, lists Sultana’s here and mentions the 10% discount when you reserve online.
i-Günler is a Turkish entertainment guide and displays Sultana’s as one of the popular destinations for Turks.
Here’s a Japanese traveller’s review of Sultana’s.
Swedish travel magazine Vagabond recommends Sultana’s as a place to go to watch belly dancing in Istanbul.
The online travel guide World 66 is a travel guide by visitors themselves. Sultana’s is in the Eating Out section of Istanbul.
Dining Guide has selected Sultana’s as a place to dine in Istanbul.

“Come here if you want to have a good time. Would definitely recommend this place again.”
“Sultanas – An excellent evening, good food and entertainment.”
“The belly dancers are very authentic, each one having their distinct way of dancing and the atmosphere of the place is warmhearted and relaxing.”

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