Belly Dancing

An Istanbul Belly Dancing Show to Remember Our history speaks for itself. Sultana’s has been the showplace for many belly dancers, including current TV and YouTube phenomenon, Didem. Belly dancing has been one of Istanbul’s favourite activities. For years, the traditional “gazino” would be the place to see Istanbul’s best belly dancers. These belly dancers would feature in a night’s entertainment, among famous or some not-so famous singers. The reputation of the belly dancers would spread across the city’s night-life enthusiasts, and some would attend a venue just to watch a particular belly dancer. Also called “oryantal” or “dansöz” in Turkey, dancers come from various backgrounds. They go through intense training, but the best have a natural ability that just needs to be fine-tuned. Some go on to national stardom on television, while some go abroad to teach belly dancing lessons. Some disappear and wonder what might have been. Sultana’s has three belly extremely talented belly dancers every night. Belly dancing in Istanbul is something that many visitors come in search of, which we recognise. Belly dancing is a growing hobby for many women, and men, across the world. This great trend makes us extremely happy and we’d love to welcome you at Sultana’s to tell you more about belly dancing.  

Sultana’s Belly Dancing Classes in Istanbul Sultana’s are proud to offer excellent Turkish belly dancing classes in Istanbul at our wonderful venue. If you’re looking to learn Turkish or another type of belly dance in Istanbul, why not ask us to organise a private lesson for yourself or a group lesson for you and your friends or students? Take a look at our Istanbul Belly Dancing Classes page for more information.